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If you are looking for a podiatrist in Tampa Bay area, we welcome you to our practice. The goal of our practice is to provide the highest quality care for foot, ankle and leg disorders.

We take pride in providing you with a comfortable office experience. Our qualified staff is friendly and will ensure a pleasant visit. We spend time listening to your concerns in order to respond with the best treatment options for you.



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Bay Area Podiatry CenterDr. Kristi Conway
5 Stars - Based on User Reviews
  • Best doctor ever. Outstanding job helping me to manage my Gout. I could not ask for a better physician. Dr. Conway is superior in her field.

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    Scott BrownScott Brown
  • Dr Conway and her staff are wonderfully refreshing. Appointments are taken back in a timely fashion. Her diagnoses are accurate. Her practice is clean and well equipped. It is slightly challenging to get into see her however as she is booked at least a few weeks out. But, her competence is unsurpassed. Don't waste your time with another provider that will see you soon but is laden with inadequacy.

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  • I was very pleased with my visit. The office was clean. Everything went smooth and quickly. I ended up falling down the stairs and injured my toe. My appointment was at 11 am and they took me into the examining room at 11 am on the dot. No waiting! Both the nurse and DR. were great. They were thorough and never rushed me. I was pleased with my experience. As as first time patient I would definitely go back!

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    Nicole C.Nicole C.
  • Just had surgery on foot and was very pleased with the experience. Dr. Conway was is very thoughtful and detailed.

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    Michelle NelsonMichelle Nelson
  • I know this story is long, but PLEASE READ. I am 28 years old and Let me tell you about my experience/continuing journey with thee absolute BEST podiatrist around, Dr. Kristi Conway. Long story short, she saved MY LIFE. I had been walking around with an atypical looking cyst/bump on my toe for a year, not thinking anything of it. It is atypical meaning, it looked normal and harmless, not discolored, same skin tone as my natural skin...just like a raised bump on my toe. I was at the walk in clinic being treated for something else when I asked Dr. Luis Aguila (who IS NOT ONLY A DOCTOR BUT OWNS that practice at this Urgent Care Walk-In-Clinic off Lithia Pinecrest that I have been going to for years) to remove as much of the cyst on my toe as he could. And he did without question. He didn't bother to biopsy it nor did he say a word about it being something I should get checked out...or that he thought something abnormal that should be sent to the lab to check and be sure. Well, he was WRONG. The cyst on my toe started to grow BACK and BIGGER this time. Finally, I looked up the best podiatrist based on ratings in my area and thank God I ended up in Dr. Kristi Conway's care. She was the only one who had any sense to biopsy my cyst! I got numerous phone calls about a week later that I needed to come in to see Dr. Kristi Conway ASAP. I has just started cosmetology school and was super busy and thought what was the big deal? So I came in and she told me that she was blown away by the biopsy results and that's why she wanted me to come in ASAP because she was super concerned since I am only 28 with an atypical and uncommon looking cyst that even she could hardly believe that she was delivering the news to me that what she biopsied came back as MALIGNANT MELANOMA! She spent at least 45 minutes with me, I believe she even came in early before her patients were scheduled to make sure she had time to sit down and go over the options and help me digest the news I was just delivered. She handles herself with unbelievable tact and a super genuine concern towards her patients. She went out of her way to find me the top 3 recommended oncologists at Moffitt Cancer Center. She searched through tons of bios on different cutaneous oncologists (cancer doctors that are strictly skin cancer doctors/surgeons) at Moffitt and selected the top 3 cutaneous oncologists based on her lengthy research. It doesn't stop there, she wanted to be kept in the loop about EVERYTHING concerning what my treatment would be once I got a consult at Moffitt. If it wasn't for her determination and endless phone calls to doctors she had ties with at Moffitt, I would have been on a 3 month waiting list for the doctor I had selected with 31 years of experience. In stead, the got me in the next week for my consult with oncologist Dr. Vernon Sondak at Moffitt. At the consult appointment I learned that my overexposure to the sun and tanning beds would cost me not only the removal of my malignant cyst, but my ENTIRE toe due to how deep the cancer had spread within the toe. I was scheduled right then and there for surgery the following week. I called Dr. Kristi Conway right away and as soon as she was finished with patients for the day and could have headed home and called the next business day ...she called me back that same day with answers and genuine concern for the surgery I was about to undergo. She stuck by my side through this entire journey, I called her at least 3 more times in which she promptly returned my calls and spoke with me at length, in talking about 1 hour phone calls each time she spent talking with me, helping me understand the protocol for the before during and after treatment of my toe amputation. I have already referred her new clients based on my story and let me tell you, she is one of a kind. My medical records at Moffitt of each appointment and the notes taken during my surgery were lengthy, and they were forwarded to her and I couldn't believe she READ THEM ALL and was able to tell me that she approved and knew I was in the best hands.

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    Kerri SnellKerri Snell